Kick-start your career in IT as Business Analyst, SAP Technologist, Python development, Data Science, software testing, with Proiba's fully accredited classes, Educators and Certificates. Study with experienced Professionals in an intimate, supportive and engaged learning environment.

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    Welcome to PROIBA

    We are the risers.The ones who realize that in the event that we need it, we need to go out and get it. We give blood,sweat,and here nad there tears.We wre etched by difficulty. We are produced using want and a fantasy,however we don't surrender anything over to destiny.We have the ability,and we have the will.What's more,we won't let ourselves be overlooked.

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    We Engage Students, Inspire Change and Enrich Community. We nurture students through community connections and facilitate transformation of students into competent professionals, focusing on assimilation, generation and dissemination of knowledge.

    Our Mission

    The mission of Prominence Institute of Business Analysis is to provide innovative Training environments, scope, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to Enlighten, Prosper, and Raise.

    Core Values

    1) Foster a learning environment that promotes responsible

    2) Excellence Professional Building

    3) Outstanding Teaching and Service

    4) Create and foster Networking Opportunities

    5) Education of individuals across the life time

  • We jaw a Lot

    We jaw a Lot

    Yes, we do talk a lot because discussion leads to new ideas and that is the whole point. Educators are all ears to you to clarify your doubts. In the Prominence Institute for Business Analyst, we perceive what it takes to be victorious in the competitive market since we've been there ourselves. Our training classes are planned with contribution from industry specialists, and your trainers have certifiable involvement in administration and industry. We wish to guide you move your career to the next level and paving the way for future generations.


    Experience is necessary to get things done without mistake or sooner. We have the extensive experience of building professionals by teaching real-world skills from faculty that bring industry experience into the classroom and helping you in Pursuing new opportunities.

  • Courses

    Business Analyst

    Business Analyst Associate and Professional Level to meetup the Expertised level to perform Business Analyst job


    Learn SAP ABAP classes from real time hands on experts. Be accomplished, learn SAP Skills from the Leaders


    Learn python from the ground up from the industry experts. Our IT experts covers topics from beginner level to advanced level with crafted of programs.

    Software Testing

    Keep up with technology with our expert-led trainers, assessments and tools that help you build the skills you require, when you require them.

    Data Science

    This course shows you how to work on an end-to-end data science project including processing data, building And evaluating machine learning model, and exposing the model as an API.

  • Commitment

    We Promise

    Proiba also help Resources to groom themselves into proficients by encouraging them in their job. We proclaim knowledge in a practical way and make the resource understand the work flow and technology and learn skills of the job. We help the Participant for Job retention and the employer on employee retention.

    Headquartered in Bengaluru, Proiba has classroom and online delivery capabilities. We're growing with a vison for globalized our brand and our education.


Learn from Industry Professionals; Learn solving real time problems and make your self prominent.

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